About Us

Since 1999 G2M.US offers digital services of good quality, high availability, and fast implementation. We have great experience producing innovative ideas in the design of websites, catalogs, e-commerce, security, creation of mobile applications and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

We also develop personalized websites with an appropriate pricing scheme for clients that work under certain budget limits.

We take the time to do it well, we model the content, we understand the strategy and the objectives of your site, we work closely with you or your trusted staff to make sure that the resulting design is technically possible in the recommended choice regarding the editor of selected web content.

We offer a website with an incredible interface that fits the current needs of you and your customers.

About Web Maintenance

The maintenance of a successful website can be very useful for many companies and G2M.US has the ability to increase the position of any new site and thus meet the objectives to ensure a completely new revenue stream.

Customers can choose a web design service that includes site planning and development, content management system configuration, deployment and administration at the same time.

We have additional services such as web hosting, site migration, e-commerce, administration and secure e-mail solutions.

G2M.US also offers SEO services that include keyword discovery, site optimization, competitive analysis and tracking of website traffic information.

We build, grow and manage the on-line community around a brand on the Internet, creating and maintaining stable and lasting relationships with its customers, its fans and, in general, any user interested in the brand. We use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. helping our clients to position themselves competitively among millions of users.

G2M.US presents targeting strategies and personal brand design.

When it comes to customer service, customers can interact directly with the creative team to collaborate on ideas and final touches.

You can get a quote completely free and without obligation, in Spanish or English.

We give our clients the gift of independence

Too often, a design can be spectacular, but also rigid and that can generate inconveniences.

As the market changes and your organization grows, a website increasingly requires technical help to make changes that should be minor.

It is important to us to help our clients to be ready for success today and prepare them for tomorrow’s success.

The only thing that we can all depend on is that everything quickly changes. New technologies are launched, the rules and the environments that create them are constantly evolving, this means that organizations must also constantly change to keep up and that means being always ready for change.

When a customer can not make changes on his own because the technical design is not obvious, or they do not have the skill, simple changes can become obstacles to success.

When building a website, or any system, assume that everyone who works in the organization could disappear for the next year. Ask yourself: How would allow your replacements to manage the changes effectively? Can they make changes to all content and effectively add or remove content objects without destroying the design?

This requires documentation and a flexible design – That is what we do! 

For example, if a consulting services firm decides to start selling products, they will need significant work. They may need to start over to model the new content and determine how it fits into the flow of the website.

But if you simply want to add, remove or change the rename content objects, pages or navigation links, We will facilitate it! 

Our strategy is not to “tie up” customers, our main purpose is to allow our clients to evolve without depending on us.

Our clients have administrative access to their websites in an intuitive and unique platform where the design is not sacrificed and for which we provide the necessary training and / or help documentation depending on the website, at no additional cost. So the websites of our customers are developments that can be maintained and evolve.

However, our customers who want to address other issues and do not want to deal with these constant changes to their website, we also offer the administration and management of social networks with an affordable investment so that you have your own Community Manager and/or WebMaster only when strictly necessary without having to hire additional personnel.

The creative team of G2M.US is composed of excellent designers and programmers with a collective work experience of more than 20 years, we know all what the industry has offered during these years. We care about offering a complete Digital Marketing service, which includes design of the templates, management of high traffic services, among others.

We are aware all the effort and work that our clients put in their respective businesses to grow.

Having started as a small-scale business, G2M.US is committed to help its clients reach their full potential no matter what industry they belong to.

We started in Colombia and now we have a new agency in Las Vegas, NV. We develop powerful and fast solutions serving clients in any country, state or city.