Apps for mobile

Create powerful mobile applications for your company

The industry of mobile phone applications is becoming increasingly popular in today’s digital world specially due to part to the proliferation of smart-phone technology. Nowadays more people access the Internet through their phones than from their computers because they tend to find mobile applications easier to use, in addition to having more functionality. In the same way, more and more companies are attracted to mobile applications, as they want to offer a unique opportunity to develop stronger links with their customers.

This tendency to improve the customer service experience is related to the nature of these devices, so users can access the information or services they need anytime, anywhere. By interacting regularly with users, companies that use smart-phone applications can continue to develop relationships and maintain a visible mobile presence that often results in increased revenue.

At G2M.US, we firmly believe that the development of mobile applications is one of the most effective ways to be ahead of your competitors in the 21st century. Our focus on creating mobile applications for businesses means that we can help you to offer the latest updates and services to customers by investing in native iOS and Android business applications.

Why do you need a mobile application?

The statistics carried out by Cone Consumer reveal that the mobile presence of a company positively influences not only its reputation, but also the knowledge of its brand among potential customers. In this way, more sources of income can be generated. Below are some of the benefits of a business application.

  •     Increase loyalty of followers
  •     Multiple sales channels
  •     Advantage over other competitors
  •     Management of customer relations (CRM)
  •     Increase customer retention
  •     Increase loyalty of followers
  •     Improve customer service

Main characteristics

You do not need any coding skills to use our applications. Once developed and deployed, you can control your application directly from your phone without the need of a computer. While the application will be independent of your website or social media profiles, you can easily link to these external sites to increase popularity. In addition, with push notifications and promotional pop-ups, you can ensure that your customers will not miss any offer, incentive or news update. Additional functionalities tailored to the needs of your business are also available through widgets such as a discount calculator, appointments generation, updates about events, among others.

Below, we summarize some of the main features of our enterprise mobile applications.

  • Customer loyalty plan
  • Direct push notices
  • On-line booking system
  • Free application control management system
  • Mobile statistical analysis and monitoring tool
  • Integration of social media
  • Image gallery
  • Address widgets with integrated GPS
  • Presentation of the product