Web development

G2M.US can offer a complete design and development service. Ranging from the simplest websites and marketing solutions to a complete business solution on which a company is based and operates. We are focused on continuously delivering results to our customers.

Fully customized applications

The continuous success of a development service depends on qualified programmers with extensive knowledge and effective project management.

We have the support of great developers, our team of professionals over the years work with the highest standards and we are able to operate at any level of complexity and within any size of organization.

Content management systems

This gives our clients the ability to manage their own website, and make changes to texts, images and downloads on their own website with little or non-technical programming skills.

Websites on mobile devices

Nowadays there are millions of people surfing the web on their mobile devices. Our designs are fully customizable (responsive web design) to a wide variety of devices and sizes of windows or screens.

We can advise you on the best way to present your the contents of your website on these devices.

Our Process

Our web design and development process can be classified into 4 phases: planning, design, development and launch.

The planning phase 

In the planning phase, we set up a meeting with the customer to discuss their objectives and requirements for their new website. We also present a Questionnaire to be completed by the customer after the initial meeting. This process is usually followed by the creation and mailing of a Quote to the customer.

The design phase

If the customer is satisfied with the budget, we will move on to the design phase.

The design process involves using the information obtained in the planning phase to create the visual aspects of the website.

This will normally include the layout of the home page and the content page. Once completed, the design will be sent to the customer along with the on-line acceptance form to be signed.

The development phase

The development phase begins once the design has been signed and approved by the customer. This includes running all functionalities and testing the new website to make sure everything is in order.

The deployment phase

After the development phase, we present the complete website to the customer ready for the deployment phase. It is reviewed with the client and we proceed to the publish it.